happy august!

10:38 PM

Wow! I cannot believe that it's already August! :( I know, I know, it is so cliche to talk about how time passes so quickly and how we don't even realize it. But it's true! I've been on vacation for 2 months already, but it's really only felt like a few weeks. Life kinda sucks I guess. 

It's a bit bittersweet when the months roll by... Bitter because life is short (which sucks) and sweet because I get to make a cake to celebrate!!! hahah, jk. But no really, I really made a little cake to celebrate the beginning of a new month. I mean I didn't tell anyone why I made the cake. My excuse was because I was bored (which was also true)... But really it was a celebratory cake, even though it wasn't all fancy or celebratory-looking. Ah well. My cake decorating skills could use some work. 

It's a little Russian cake, with layers of white poppy seed cake and layers of chocolate cake. It's all layered with a my-own-recipe cream cheese frosting type frosting. It's kinda hard to explain. But hey, it's yummy and it suits the cake! This is the second time I've made the cake and it has finally turned out almost perfect. Almost, because I didn't make enough frosting (whoops!). But that ended up being perfect, because I got to save on calories (and sugar and fat) and it gave the cake a little bit of a rustic, vintage look. All I needed were some cool cake toppers or something! But the cake was delicious nonetheless:)

So anyway, now that i'm done talking about my cake that no one cares about I guess I'll just talk about how I liked July (I know, thats boring too, but seriously I have nothing else to talk about lol). I've been pretty bored lately. Ok. Really bored. All I ever do is hang around my house, watch loads of tv, skim through pinterest and blogs, and just kinda chill (with my dog). I get so bored that I bake, and because I bake then I eat, and because I eat it, I get even more lazy and my summer "I'm going to get fit" goal just kinda, well, eh, doesn't happen. lol. So I guess you can say that I am looking forward to going back to school. Not looking forward to tests and homework. But looking forward to seeing friends and going somewhere and doing something.

Last month I didn't do much. I went camping and hiking once, and that's pretty much it. The rest of the month I just kinda stayed at home, watched The Walking Dead, went to the movies, went to the lake once, and yeah..nothing super interesting or fun. I would do more things if I had someone to do them with. My best friend (Vitali) works during the day and is usually busy in the evenings so I don't get to see him during the day time, which is when it is the funnest to hang out. It sucks, but it's life.

I'm not sure what more to say about last month. Oh! I did start working out in July, doing mostly at home workouts from youtube, as well as jogging and walking a few times :) But this week I have kind of stopped because I was too lazy and because I was sleeping in really late, which kind of ruins the day. Plus all the sweets I've been making have been making really slowing me down. So yeah, that sums it up--July was pretty slow.

Now that all my rambling is done, I'll put up a few of my favorite instagram photos from July. I decided I'll do this at the end of every month.. I think it looks nice and it's a good summary of things I've done, people I've seen, things I've cooked, etc. So anyway, here it is! 

(and p.s. sorry about the awkward instagram collage, I use the "whiteagram" app to make my photos true to their size, so all put together it looks a little funky!)

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  1. I like the idea of an instagram collage at the end of every month <3

    and the cake would totally have looked cute with some silver glittery cake toppers!!

    1. Thanks! Me too :) But most of my pics are food pics so I don't want it to be boring :( lol.

      I know!!!! I was actually going to make some glittery paper hearts but I didn't have any of those skinny wooden skewers at home. I searched through all our cupboards but we didn't have any. I will have to make some whenever I'm bored just for future cakes!

  2. that cake tho, looks so yummy!!!


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